The Language of Laundry Care

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by Suzanne Jones of Love2Laundry

Those laundry care symbols look just out of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. So many symbols and so less patience to decode them! More than often they go unnoticed, and if at all we are in a mood to check those labels out, we just check for the type of fabric and the size and where it was manufactured. A majority of us do not bother to read the whole minute writings and symbols that are present on these labels until we have washed them, and ruined our newly bought apparel. After it has been done, we realize we should have gone through the label and tried to decode some of those symbols. 

Well, better late than sorry. Here is a great chance for you to decode all of these symbols. They have been categorized and explained in detail in this awesome infographic from Love2Laundry that we have shared for our readers. This infographic will guide you through all the symbols that you can encounter on a laundry care label. Each symbol has a different meaning, and whenever you buy a new piece of clothing, if you do not understand a particular symbol, you can use this detailed infographic as your guide. Make sure you check the labels before the laundry day.


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