Organize 6 Ways With Over-The-Door Shoe Bags

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By Trish Barber from Reader's Digest

Organize your utility closet
A hanging shoe bag is a great organizer in the utility closet. Use its pockets to store sponges, scrub brushes, and other cleaning utensils — and even some bottles of cleaning products. It’s also good for separating your clean, lemon-oil, and lint-free rags so you’ll always have the right one for the job.

Organize your office area
Free up some valuable drawer space in your office with an over-the-door shoe holder. Its pockets can store lots of supplies that you need to keep handy, like scissors, staples, and markers. You can use the pockets to organize bills and other “to do” items as well.

Organize your bathroom
A shoe bag can keep lots of everyday bathroom items handy and neat. Brushes, shampoo, hand towels, hair spray — almost everything can be stored at your fingertips instead of cluttering the shower or counter.

Organize your child’s room
A shoe bag hung over their bedroom door is a great way to help your kids organize their small toys. Whether your child likes dolls, dinosaurs, or different-colored blocks, a shoe bag puts the toys on display and kids can keep them sorted themselves.

Organize car-trip toys and games
Cut a shoe bag to fit the back of your car seat, and let your children make their own choices for back seat entertainment.

Organize your bedroom
Instead of lifting a hanger to get a belt, or rummaging through your drawer for a scarf, try organizing your clothing accessories with an over-the-door shoe bag. The pockets can be used in the bedroom for keeping socks, gloves, and much more than shoes handy.

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