How To Create A Luxe Bedroom Without Breaking The Bank

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I don't know about you, but in all the houses I have lived in, I have always left decorating my bedroom for last. I'm not alone, right? I find its pretty common that people spend lots of energy, effort and funds decorating more public spaces, or their kids' rooms, but then leave their own bedrooms to be a collection of hand me down furniture and sheet sets from college.

In this house, I was determined to give my husband and I a luxurious master retreat- but do it in a way that did not break the bank. Read the tips on how you can create a luxe bedroom and closet without breaking the bank, scroll on down below. And don't forget to see the full list of all the products I used in this room at the bottom of this post! 


I have always wanted a canopy bed since I was a little girl- and I just felt like the style of this piece fit in with my whole cabin in the woods vibe we have going on in this house (check out my living room tour here). I think the bed is a great place to begin the design of a bedroom as it really is the focal point of the room.

I basically had this bed in my shopping cart for 3 months, because I was a little shy to pull the trigger as I have never personally spent this much on a bed before for myself (for the record, it is incredibly well priced under $2000, I just never have spent this much personally on a bed for myself)- but I am so happy I did.

I love the drama the canopy creates, I love the natural wood texture, I love the upholstered high headboard that offers even more drama, I love that I purchased this online and that there were no surprises when the bed was assembled.  

So whether $2000 is cheap, affordable, or luxe to you, invest in your bed, you won't be sorry. 


There is something so luxurious about a fireplace in a bedroom. I love the instant warmth it creates, the ambient glow, and how relaxing it is to watch flames dance in a pitch black room. 

I installed this Dimplex electric fireplace and mantel  and just love the impact it has on the space. 


The beauty of utilizing an electric fireplace is that it really is plug in and go (although of course ensure you have the correct amperage for your electrical outlet so that your breaker does not trip every time you use it). I went with a unit that has a built-in mantel, as it was a simple way to add another design element, and gave opportunity to create a focal point at the foot of our bed with art and accessories.  

A fireplace-mantel combination is a great way to add a little luxury without breaking the bank, as the cost really is a fraction of what it would cost to run a gas line and install a unit. Plus, if you're in a rental like I am, it's the kind of piece you can take with you.


Due to some of the permanent structural changes we made in this rental (and the $$$ that came with those choices), I had to stretch my budget creatively and let me tell you, I think this is my FAVOURITE HACK I HAVE EVER DONE.

This is a $99 dresser. I added these Shayne Fox Hardware pulls that are worth more than the dresser itself! The combination makes me so happy. The night stands are a good scale compared to the large bed, and the handcrafted geometric pulls are works of art. 



A really easy way to make a space feel luxurious is to keep the colour palette of your textiles neutral, or analogous shades on the colour wheel. I stayed with neutral tones with grey-blue undertones on everything. I love colour and drama (have you seen my blue sofas?) but if you want a fool proof way to make a space feel luxe, keep things all within a similar palette.

And speaking of luxe, this rug is worth every single penny I paid for it. It is so soft underfoot, so inviting, and just worth it!


One of the ways that a space qualifies as luxurious to me, is if it makes my life more effortless. And this closet transformation has been a GAME CHANGER. Getting dressed in this closet before was no fun at all. We were living out of boxes for far too long, and could never find anything without having to rifle through piles and piles of stuff. 

Our closet (and master bedroom in general) also became a pitiful storage room for items that we were too lazy to walk to the basement or the garage. 

So to create order in a space we start our day in is a luxurious element to me. I partnered with Neatfreak! on all the organizational elements in this closet, and oh boy do they help me feel less chaos and increase my ability to get dressed quickly!

Being 8 months pregnant means my wardrobe is a little segmented- I have a bunch of clothing that is non-maternity and does not fit. I have a whole other set of clothing that is too uncomfortable / too small to wear at this stage of my pregnancy, and then my current rotation of clothing I gravitate towards everyday. I love how these bin drawers allow me to flip the drawers around for closed storage, and flip them the other way for easy view storage. 

And to further add harmony to my life, and create another area to help me be efficient in the mornings, I reused the table from the basement in my old house (reduced down to console size), and a shelf we had in our old office, as a spot to house a necklace tree, trays for jewelry, and bowls for accessories. 

What do you think? Would this bedroom make you feel restored and increase your peace both at night and when getting dressed in the morning? Let me know in the comments below. 

And stay tuned for next week's post on my full basement tour- so excited to share this with you!!!!!

Special thanks to Neatfreak! and Dimplex for partnering with me on this project. Opinions are all based on my authentic experience. 


CANOPY BED Wayfair Rachel Ray Highline:

BEDDING, PILLOWS, Kate Spade LAMPS, ART above fireplace and nightstands, SHEETS, DRAPES: 






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