Declutter Your Garage. Expert DIYer Shares 6 Brilliant Concepts To Reorganize Your Garage

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You don’t want to have to struggle when it’s time to bust out the snow blower. While bringing order to your garage can seem like a daunting task it’s really not if you have a plan.

Here’s how to get the job done:


Go through your garage and figure out if you can get rid of anything. Sort those items into piles to recycle, throw away, or donate.

Next figure out what you will store together. Here are some good suggestions for pairing up items:

  • gardening supplies and tools
  • sports and hobby gear
  • seasonal items and holiday decorations
  • household tools and supplies
  • paints and combustibles
  • garbage and recycling


Clean your garage from head to toe. This is a great time to remove stains from the floor and to paint your walls.


Plan out how and where you will store everything. The best way to do that is to draw up a plan on grid paper and use proper measurements to determine where your windows, doors, utilities, and car will fit so you can place your storage around those items.

Next, mark your zones for storing items. Remember, garden tools work best near the door, trash and recycling should be easily accessible, and seasonal items should be out of the way. You can overlap zones with overhead storage.

Figure Out How You Will Store

Figure out what you’re going to need to store your items in.

  • garage cabinets and storage units
  • shelving and support brackets
  • storage bins and boxes
  • hanging storage systems
  • bicycle hangers and storage
  • lockers

Put Everything in Its Place

Here are some guidelines for keeping everything tidy:

  • Lawn and garden tools should be stored with an adjustable hanging rail system. The space below this area can be used to store your mower or wheelbarrow.
  • Create more space in your garage by relocating garden and yard tools into an outdoor shed.
  • Sports gear should also be hung from rails. There are baskets and hooks you can use to store your bats and balls.
  • Bicycles can be hung on rails during the colder months and stored in a small floor rack during the summer for easy access.
  • Create a workbench with cabinets for extra storage and utility
  • Use a pegboard to create a custom layout for your hand tools. You can even draw an outline around each tool to help you figure out what goes where and can easily see if something is missing.
  • Use a cabinet with locks to store things that can be dangerous.
  • Use open shelves to store items you use often and make sure they are placed at eye level or lower for easy access.
  • Less frequently used items can be stored on overhead shelves.These can be attached to your ceiling joists. Plastic bins will make it easy to see what’s inside.
  • Keep a clear path from your trash and recycling bins outside and make sure their easily accessible.

What to Store Elsewhere

  • Paint can be ruined by the extreme cold or heat so you’ll want to store these in a temperate area.
  • Propane tanks can be ignited by a spark so you’ll always want to keep these outdoors.
  • Paper goods attract roaches and other bugs so these should be kept in your pantry.
  • Animals like mice and raccoons will smell your pet food and try to get at it. It’s best to store pet food in a sealed container inside your home.

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