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When your closet hasn't had a deep clean in a while, there are some sure signs that pop up indicating that it's time to declutter. Is your closet chock full of clothes you no longer wear? Are you having trouble finding the blue button-down you know you picked up from the dry cleaner? Are your work clothes wrinkled from being shoved in the back of the closet? If so, now might be a great time to whip your wardrobe back into shape.

These tried and true tips to clear closet clutter and make way for clothes, shoes, and accessories you wear regularly and love will help you clean up your closet once and for all.

Ask the 7 Key Closet Decluttering Questions

Ask yourself the following about every item in your closet:

  1. 1. Do I love it?
  2. 2. Do I wear it?
  3. 3. Does it project the image I want to project?
  4. 4. Does it itch or scratch?
  5. 5. Does it pinch my toes? Are the heels too high to walk in?
  6. 6. Is it moldy? Smelly? Stained?
  7. 7. Does it fit?

    Number 3 is the real "light bulb" question for many people. Even if you love it, do you want to wear it in front of other people? As I always say, be a brutal critic. If necessary, enlist a friend who feels comfortable enough to tell you if something is wrong for you. Closet space is limited so don't waste your prime real estate on something you're not crazy about.

    Get Rid of Clutter Through Donation and Consignment

    It's easier to declutter your closet if you know where you'll be donating your clothing ahead of time. This way, once you are done decluttering and purging the closet, you can quickly whisk the items off to a deserving recipient making the process much easier.

    Another option is consigning your gently used or pricey clothing.

    Declutter Every Day with a Donation Bin

    Make decluttering your closet easier by having a donation bin, bag or basket right in your closet. This allows you to declutter the closet and toss items you no longer want as often as possible. I use a big shopping bag from Lord and Taylor which is extremely portable.
    Other options:
    • - Cardboard box
    • - Large Beach Bag
    • - Large Shopping Bag
    • - Bin

      Declutter the Closet by Doing a Weekly Clutter Sweep

      The more often you declutter, the less time it will take and the easier it will become over time. Committing to a weekly clutter sweep means spending 10-15 minutes once or twice a week in your closet placing items in your donation box, re-arranging clothing that has fallen out of place and re-handing and folding clothes that may be strewn about your bedroom and bathroom. All of this will take much less time than you think if you tackle it regularly.

      See also: Weekly Organizing Routine to help you declutter your entire home in 30 minutes a day.

      Do a Seasonal Clutter "Sweep"

      There are 4 easy-to-follow steps here:
      1. 1. Take everything out of the closet. Then, wipe down the shelving, dust, and vacuum.
      2. 2. Do a quick purge of anything you're going to donate; separate out anything that needs altering or dry cleaning.
      3. 3. Put everything back in the closet hanging and sorting by color with most-worn items in front.
      4. 4. Donate the remaining items; take alterations and cleaning to tailor and dry cleaner.

        I recommend the closet sweep once a season, or monthly if you live in an apartment with limited closet space. For a quicker version see our: How to Store Clothes Seasonally

        Declutter the Closet by Maximizing Storage Space

        Are you taking advantage of your closet nooks and crannies? You can fit more in by maximizing the storage spaces available. Read our guide to Maximizing Storage Spaces -- in your clothes closet and in every other part of your home or office.

        Closet Storage Tips:

        Get Control of Hoarding Before it Becomes a Problem

        This may be the hardest skill to master as you may be holding onto clothes for some of the following reasons:
        • - It holds sentimental value;
        • - You spent a ridiculous amount of money on the item;
        • - You may wear it "someday," and who knows when "someday" will be;

        These are all understandable reasons to hold onto a garment, but the fact remains that you have limited space to store your clothes. 

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