A Simple Closet Makeover

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By guest blogger Natalie CasaDiBari-DesRoche

I always thought I was a very organized person. I have two closets and a place for everything… or at least I thought so.

A very good friend of mine suggested that I look at some closet organization solutions. I thought about it, however, I didn’t want to install those expensive, large closet built-in units and completely reorganize everything.

Then one day, some boxes arrived on my front door step. I laughed when I realized these were from my friend. The boxes were from neatfreak and they were individual pieces that can be used to modify my closet without having to overhaul the entire closet.

Seeing that shoes are my weakness, I simply hung up the neatfreak 10-shelf shoe organizer in one of the closets. As well, I added a four drawer storage organizer piece that was perfect for storing and hiding away accessories and little things.

For the second closet I added only one piece, a neatfreak 6-shelf organizer, that is perfect for storing all my sweaters that were taking up a lot of space on the top shelves of my closet.  There was nothing to assemble and no were no tools required.  I simply hung the organizer from my existing closet rod.  Easy-peasy!

These closet additions really helped to get things off the floor, make my closet look tidy, and make my morning routine much easier. I plan to add another shoe storage piece in the near future. A girl can never have too many shoes.

Thank you neatfreak!!!

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