Home Declutter Guide

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By Helen O'Keeffe

When it comes to decluttering, the hardest part can be to motivate yourself to get started. The thought of going through your house room by room to throw away items that you once purchased might not seem overly appealing, but eventually a time comes where a ruthless streak is required and those old magazines, disused stationery, etc. need to go.

There is no right or wrong way to go about decluttering; it’s more about finding a method that works for you. You might want to just dive straight into it and toss into a bin or bag any items that you’re disposing, or maybe you’d prefer to be organized and have separate boxes for what you’re throwing away, what you’re keeping and what you plan on giving to charity.

Decluttering your home can seem like a mammoth task, so try and break it down into manageable chunks. Taking it room by room helps with this and gives you a sense that, with each room, you’re making discernible progress with the task. Even within a room, approach it one step at a time; you might decide to begin by tackling the highest parts first, such as the cupboards, and work your way down to clearing out items in fridges or drawers at floor level.

This infographic from EZ Living Interiors offers some great tips on how to approach decluttering and outlines why the effort will prove to be worthwhile. Just think about how much bigger your home will seem once you’ve removed those redundant items that you no longer use and never again will.   


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