Cut the Car Clutter

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Did you know that 80 per cent of car accidents are caused by distracted drivers? Many of these drivers were looking for something. If you keep your car organized with these few simple tips, not only can you avoid accidents, but your car will no longer resemble your junk drawer or smell like your gym locker.

  • Buy a car seat-organizer: You can keep maps, umbrellas, toys, books, sunscreen and almost anything in there. This Seatback Car Organizer with Insulated Cooler keeps snacks cool and ready to go with the zipper closure and remove and carry cooler bag. You auto know that if everything is in the organizer, it means the items are not only easy to find but also not rolling around on the floor.


  • Don’t overstuff your car console: This will keep you from digging to the around while you are driving. Keep a small note pad, a working pen, and small items like change in the Neatauto® Sun Visor Car Organizer.


  • Not everyone likes — or needs — junk in the trunk: If it doesn’t need to be there, why is it? Take inventory of the items that you really require in your trunk. Do a seasonal sort. Take things into the house that you don’t need and bring back those that will be best for the coming months. You may always need a blanket, but for one season it’s for the beach and for another season it’s for the hockey rink. A trunk organizer like the Neatauto® Extra-Large 3-Compartment Car Trunk Organizer is perfect to keep things handy and easy to find when you need them.


  • It may be called a glove compartment but try not to keep your gloves in there: Keep only car-related items in there such as the owner’s manual, insurance and registration and your car cell phone charger. Quick and easy access for these items will be a plus as you often need them in a hurry.


  • Keep a garbage bag or can handy: Make sure it doesn’t get in the way of your driving like this Collapsible Pop-Up Trash Bag. It features a long loop handle for hanging and Velcro strips that grip the carpet flooring to keep it upright when your car is in motion. This convenient trash can will help you keep your car neat and tidy especially if you get into the habit of emptying it every time you fill up on gas. 


  • Keep up-to-date on your inspections and appointments: Sometimes we think that since the car is not human, we can push its maintenance to the back burner. But just like us, preventive maintenance keeps us living longer. Try to keep up to date on maintenance instead of more expensive fixes. When you go to pay for an oil change, book your next one.


Remember: people you love drive in your car, so you want them to be as safe as possible. Use these tips to avoid accidents, keep your car smelling fresh and staying organized!

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