Get rewarded for getting organized when you sign up to be a member of our Neatpoint Program. We say thanks to our amazing customers with a great Program that lets you earn points and gets you closer to buying all the awesome organizing supplies you need to keep your home neat and clean. As a neatpoint member, every time you buy on you get points, which you can collect and then apply toward more online neatfreak purchases.


Every time you spend a dollar on online neatfreak merchandise, we’ll put one point in your Program account. When determining how many points you should receive, the amount of money you spend gets rounded down. That means something costing $25.99 will give you 25 points. Also, taxes don’t count into the amount of money your points are calculated from. 

After completing your first order, within a few days you will be sent an email requesting for you to sign up using your know password. Once the account is set up, you will receive notification of your 200 neatpoints that have been allocated to you.


You know that points mean savings on future buys, but how much are they really worth and how much can they save you? Neatpoint Program members can earn 1 percent savings from their points, each of which is equal to 1 cents, although it’s important to remember that your points aren’t money and you can’t use them as such or trade them in for any money. Note: You can’t keep any points you received for credit card payments that were later contested.


If you’re serious about getting and staying organized you could rack up points pretty quickly. Here’s how those points (at least 500 at a time, and then in amounts of 500 after that) will translate toward discounts off

  •       500 points - $5
  •    1,000 points - $10
  •    1,500 points - $15
  •    2,000 points - $20
  •    2,500 points - $25


The neatpoint loyalty program may be altered, ceased or amended at any time without notice by Neatfreak Group Inc. reserves the right to remove memberships at any time that do not adhere to our terms. In addition to being non-transferable, neatpoints are determined by documented orders. 

Neatpoints are NOT time sensitive.  If one year passes without any purchases made on your account, you point status will NOT change and your account will remain in active status.