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Set of 3 - Neat Trax Multi Hook Combo

$49.99 CAD $59.99 CAD
SKU: NFC000468D8C8A-001

Use this set of 3 wall-mounted Neat-trax™ aluminum 22-inch rail with repositionable hooks on any wall, closet, or cupboard door. Mounting hardware included.  Includes 6 J-hooks, 6 U-hooks, and 6 double-hooks.  Simply place the hooks on the rail and click down to lock into place.  Lift the hook up to remove.  Mix and match the hooks on a rail for a customized hanging solution.  It’s lightweight yet incredibly strong, holding up to 8 pounds per hook. Use it in any room where additional hanging space is needed.  Perfect for use in a bedroom to hang clothes and accessories, a bathroom for towels, or garage for gardening tools & sports equipment.

Colour - Aluminum

Style# 0046


  • 3 rail, 18 hook wall-mounted organization system
  • Sleek contemporary aluminum design
  • Set includes: 3 wall mounted tracks with covers 22" (55.88 cm), 6 click-on U-hooks, 6 click-on J-hooks, 6 click-on double-hooks, and mounting hardware
  • Weight capacity: 10lbs (4.5 kg) per hook, 100lbs (45 kg) overall capacity for 1 rail and 6 hooks.
  • Mounts to wall with screws (included)
  • Hooks can be repositioned. Simply place the hooks on the rail and click down to lock into place. Lift the hook up to remove.
  • Mounting instructions: 1. Mount the rail to the wall using a screwdriver and included hardware. 2. Slide the bottom of the cover on to the lower edge of the rail, then press the top edge until cover clicks on to the rail. 3. Insert end covers. 4. Clip the hooks onto the rail from the top and pull downwards until they "click". To remove hook, pull the hook downwards and away from rail to release.
  • J-hooks + track measures 22 inches wide x 1.4 inches deep x 2.2 inches high (30.48 x 3.55 x 5.58 centimeters)
  • U-hooks + track measures 22 inches wide x 2.2 inches deep x 2.2 inches high (30.48 x 5.58 x 5.58 centimeters)
  • Double hooks + track measures 22 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep x 6 inches high (30.48 x 6.35 x 15.24 centimeters)


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