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Neat Trax 19 Piece Garage Organizing System

$129.99 CAD
SKU: NFC03409212721-001

Use this set of 4 stud-mounted Neat-trax aluminum 26.5-inch rails with 15 various hooks on any wall in a garage or basement to store brooms, hoses, ladders, extensions cords, gardening tools, sports equipment, bikes, and more. Keep everything off the floor and out of your way for a tidy yet functional garage. Mix and match the hooks on any rail for a customized hanging solution. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, holding up to 550 lbs per rail.

Colour - Aluminum/Black

Style# 3409


  • 4 rail, 15 hook garage organizing system. Includes 19 pieces plus mounting hardware.
  • Organize and store various size tools, extension cords, ladders, gardening supplies, hoses, sport & pool equipment, bikes, camping equipment, etc., vertically and off the floor by making use of empty wall space.
  • 8 ft. of heavy-duty steel tracks that can be wall mounted to build an efficient storage system while remaining completely re-configurable with removable hooks.
  • Hooks have a durable non-slip vinyl coating and are simple to attach or move to reposition. Locking grippers provide reinforced security when attaching hooks to the rail.
  • Kit includes: 4 x 26.5" heavy-duty steel tracks, 4 J-hooks, 2 large J-hooks, 4 S-hooks, 1 small double L-hook, 1 large double L-hook, 1 double J-hook, 1 heavy-duty loop hook, 1 large heavy-duty loop-hook
  • All installation hardware included. Must be mounted on studs per instruction manual.
  • Overall system weight load capacity: 2200 lbs (1000 kg)
  • Track weight load capacity 550lbs (250kg)
  • Each neat-trax rail measures 26.5 inches wide x 2.2 inches high (67.31 x 5.59 centimeters)
  • Each J-hook measures 2.9 inches wide x 0.5 inches deep x 4.3 inches high (7.37 x 1.27 x 10.92 centimeters)
  • Each large J-hook measures 5.9 inches wide x 0.7 inches deep x 7.1 inches high (14.99 x 1.78 x 18.03 centimeters)
  • Each S-hook measures 1.77 inches wide x 0.8 inches deep x 6.7 inches high (67.31 x 5.59 centimeters)
  • Each small double L-hook measures 5.5 inches wide x 2.9 inches deep x 4.9 inches high (13.97 x 7.37 x 12.45 centimeters)
  • Each large double L-hook measures 8.7 inches wide x 2.9 inches deep x 4.9 inches high (22.09 x 7.37 x 12.45 centimeters)
  • Each heavy-duty loop-hook measures 8.5 inches wide x 6.3 inches deep x 6.3 inches high (21.59 x 16 x 16 centimeters)
  • Each large heavy-duty loop-hook measures 12.4 inches wide x 3.8 inches deep x 7.8 inches high (31.5 x 9.65 x 19.81 centimeters)



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