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Up Your Urge to Purge Your Wardrobe and Love Your Closet Again

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Up Your Urge to Purge Your Wardrobe and Love Your Closet Again

By Colette Robicheau Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach, guest blogger for neatfreak!

Is your closet filled with lots of clothes, but you always feel like you have nothing to wear? You hear about it all the time - less is more, try a capsule or minimalist wardrobe. But where do you start your purging journey? Here are some helpful hints on how to purge your closet and really love what’s left.


1)  Timing – When was the last time you went through your clothes? If you haven’t taken the time to go through your whole closet in a long time, this would be the first step. Take each piece of clothing out of your closet and try them on. It’s best to do this at least once a year and sometimes even seasonally. Your closet is prime space in your home, and it should only be storing the clothes you wear regularly. This will make the start of your day much brighter. Check out the neatfreak closet designer to configure a system that’s right for you

2)  Love as a litmus test – Ask yourself which clothes you truly love and get rid of the clothes that haven’t been worn in a few years -or maybe never worn at all. Keep track of what the pieces you are letting go of might have in common (patterns, design, color, fabric), this will help you to avoid having more clothes in your closet that don’t work for you. And you can shop with intention.

3)  Multiples – If you have multiples of the same piece ask yourself why you decided to buy the pieces.  This will help keep you from buying multiples again in the future. Lay the pieces out and evaluate which ones are your favorites and hang those back in your closet.

4)  Clothes that don’t make you feel good – Does wearing baggy sweatpants really make you feel good? Does it fit with your life goals? If you are trying to lose weight and be healthy what clothing works to support those goals? Identify the trigger pieces that get you off track and get rid of them. Who really needs clothes with a buffet stretchable waistband? Have clothing that makes you feel confident and gets you out of the house. 

5)  Clothes that don’t fit – Having clothes in multiple sizes is a huge space hog. I’m a big believer in keeping smaller size clothing as an aspiration piece or two, but don’t keep these pieces in your everyday closet until you can wear them again. Take them elsewhere. Limit your options and have clothes that currently fit in your closet.

6)  Damaged beyond repair – Oh the optimism that exists! If I had a nickel for every time someone was going to repair an article of clothing. Sometimes I have worked with clients for years and the repairs just don’t’ seem to happen. Stop fooling yourself. Set a deadline to make the repair and if you don’t do it yourself or get it to the person who can do it let it go. If you’ve already tried multiple times to wash that huge stain out of your shirt and it just won’t come out it might be time to toss it. Also toss any clothing items with rips that sewing just won’t fix. Remember you can use these as rags or checkout the local textile recycling options in your area.

7)  Helpful hangers – Do you find it hard to keep track of which pieces you are wearing? Have your clothes on hangers facing you and when you wear the garment flip the hanger the opposite way. This is a great way to visually see which outfits you wear the most.  Check out the large selection and innovative designs of hangers from neatfreak!

8)  Show yourself some shelf love – If you have piles of clothes perched precariously on your shelves you know you are just one step away from a clothing avalanche. All your hard work of folding and piling goes to the floor on that first attempt to get any piece not at the top of the pile. After your purge use bins for different items.  Bins will not only keep your closet tidy after you’ve purged but bins can also be a way to limit how much you keep. For example, I will only keep the number of t-shirts that will fit in a particular bin.  Then anytime you buy a new t-shirt post purge you can donate a t-shirt you already have

It might seem scary to think about sorting and purging piles of clothes. We hope these tips will help motivate you to approach these tasks with confidence and to feel how cathartic a purge can be.


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