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How To Create A Luxe Bedroom Without Breaking The Bank
How To Create A Luxe Bedroom Without Breaking The Bank

I don't know about you, but in all the houses I have lived in, I have always left decorating my bedroom for last. I'm not alone, right? I find its pretty common that people spend lots of energy, effort and funds decorating more public spaces, or their kids' rooms, but then leave their own bedrooms to be a collection of hand me down furniture and sheet sets from college.

In this house, I was determined to give my husband and I a luxurious master retreat- but do it in a way that did not break the bank. To watch the tour of my master bedroom and closet on my YouTube channel, click below. Or if you prefer to read the tips on how you can create a luxe bedroom and closet without breaking the bank, scroll on down below. And don't forget to see the full list of all the products I used in this room at the bottom of this post! 

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