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The Joys Of Clutter Reduction
The Joys Of Clutter Reduction

Why bother to declutter? What is it really going to do for me? How is it going to make my life better? I am sure these are the first questions people ask when they begin on the journey of decluttering and/or minimalism.

I know we have discussed this topic many times before but we can always do with a refresher course especially if we have lost momentum. So today I will share with you this chapter from my free ebook as it covers some great benefits of living a decluttered life.

Raising Clutter-Free Kids
Raising Clutter-Free Kids It's never too early to start teaching the ABCs of tidiness. While you may find it easier (and faster) to organize for them, it will save you time and headaches to pass the clean baton.
Can't Afford A Therapist? Declutter Your Home Instead
Can't Afford A Therapist? Declutter Your Home Instead

Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up didn't go gangbusters for no reason. People are drowning in their stuff, and it's having a major impact on their lives.

From a feng shui perspective, it's obvious why decluttering is picking up so much buzz. The practice believes that symbolism is the name of the game and our homes represent our lives. One of my colleagues, Carol Olmstead, teaches that our homes are, in essence, "3-D vision boards." Therefore, every item that you own plays a role in crafting your life.

A Feng Shui Expert's Recipe For Painless Decluttering
A Feng Shui Expert's Recipe For Painless Decluttering

You've probably already heard that decluttering can increase the chi (life energy) of your home and invite change into your life. And it's true: I have witnessed the biggest life changes occur once people get rid of clutter.

However, the process of throwing things away can induce stress, so we often put it off. Many people also struggle because they don't know how to get started and don't have an organizing system in place.

Declutter Your Closet Once and For All
Declutter Your Closet Once and For All

These tried and true tips to clear closet clutter and make way for clothes, shoes, and accessories you wear regularly and love will help you clean up your closet once and for all.


The Ultimate A - Z of Organizing
The Ultimate A - Z of Organizing I wanted to have a bit of fun here, but also in all seriousness, this list of “The A to Z of Organizing” has come about from what I think are some of the most important areas to consider when getting organized.
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