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Decluttering Toys with the Kids
Decluttering Toys with the Kids

Even if you don’t buy your kids a lot of things, it’s amazing how fast their toys and other stuff can accumulate. Our kids are in daycare and they’re always bringing stuff home from there, but it comes from everywhere – the dentist, birthday parties, the grandparents.

When the holidays roll around, we’re overwhelmed with even more stuff. So it’s a great time to do some decluttering – and why not start with the kids’ toys? You’ll probably need to find room to put all the new stuff they got anyway.

How to Deal With Emotionally Difficult Clutter, According to an Organizing Pro
How to Deal With Emotionally Difficult Clutter, According to an Organizing Pro Whether you're having trouble letting go of your growing children's baby belongings (those baby booties are just too precious) or are struggling to declutter following the death of a loved one, purging belongings that have sentimental value is notoriously difficult. To help make the process a little easier, Lisa Zaslow, a professional organizer and organizational partner to MakeSpace, shares her tips for tackling emotionally-charged clutter. 
Home Declutter Guide
Home Declutter Guide When it comes to decluttering, the hardest part can be to motivate yourself to get started. The thought of going through your house room by room to throw away items that you once purchased might not seem overly appealing, but eventually a time comes where a ruthless streak is required and those old magazines, disused stationery, etc. need to go.