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How To Clean Your House In Under One Hour
How To Clean Your House In Under One Hour

You’ve got visitors coming over in an hour, and your house is a mess. 

Naturally, you would start dumping scattered items into the closet. But then you quickly realize that the windows, kitchen tiles, and bathroom also need scrubbing.

Luckily, you own a few common kitchen items to remedy the situation. But can they make your house sparkling clean within just an hour?

Here are five home remedy techniques to help you during a cleaning emergency.

The Secrets of Speed Cleaning
The Secrets of Speed Cleaning

Speed cleaning tips that will actually help minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning your house on the weekend.

You might be a power mom or a high-level executive, but unless you can afford a coterie of servants (lucky you!), you still have to keep the house clean. But there are many ways to streamline house cleaning. It really comes down to cleaning smarter, and spending a few super-efficient minutes of daily cleaning, rather than leaving it all for a marathon, and usually exhausting, weekend job. 

Fall Cleaning Chore Checklist
Fall Cleaning Chore Checklist

It's Autumn. Pumpkins glow in golden fields. Shorter days, crisp mornings signal winter's approach.  Can the holidays be far behind?

Use Autumn's brisk and breezy days to conquer deep-cleaning chores for a clean and comfortable winter home, and to wrap up summer's outdoor lifestyle.

Our Fall Cleaning Chore Checklist will help you prepare home and hearth for the coming of winter:

Where are the Dirtiest Places in Your Home?
Where are the Dirtiest Places in Your Home? Germs. They’re everywhere. They are a normal part of life, and while they can make us sick, they also make our immune systems stronger. Of course, there is such a thing as too many germs, and that’s how we end up getting unwell. There are several places in the home that can be accused of being the dirtiest, and I know what you’re all thinking; the bathroom is the worst. What if I told you that you’re wrong? Below, you will find all the worst offenders; rooms and items alike.

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