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The Joys Of Clutter Reduction
The Joys Of Clutter Reduction

Why bother to declutter? What is it really going to do for me? How is it going to make my life better? I am sure these are the first questions people ask when they begin on the journey of decluttering and/or minimalism.

I know we have discussed this topic many times before but we can always do with a refresher course especially if we have lost momentum. So today I will share with you this chapter from my free ebook as it covers some great benefits of living a decluttered life.

Chores!  Love them or hate them – still gotta do them.
Chores! Love them or hate them – still gotta do them. When you can make doing a chore part of your daily or weekly routine it becomes less of a drag on your time and more simply a part of what happens on that day or at that time.  What is it about chores that makes them so hard to do, so easy to put off? 

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