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Six Ways an Organized Closet Makes Your Life Easier

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Six Ways an Organized Closet Makes Your Life Easier

By Colette Robicheau Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach, guest blogger for neatfreak!


There’s nothing more stressful than waking up in the morning and looking through a messy closet for something to wear when you are already pressed for time. Here are six ways an organized closet will make your day a bit easier and getting dressed feel like less of a chore:


1) Time saver – Have a designated spot for all your favorite outfits to save time when getting dressed in the morning. You might even start wearing the outfits that were hiding in your closet instead of wearing the same outfits all the time. Grouping your clothing by how you use it saves time too. Think of categories like work wear, work out and around the house.


2) More storage space – Trouble with the piles on the top shelf of your closet? Try using bins to keep your pants, sweaters and accessories neatly organized. And to take your bins to the next level try the popular KonMari method of folding and filing. This technique is made popular by the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.


3) Avoid clutter – By having your clothes neatly hung up in your closet you will be less likely to toss them on the floor, chair or gym equipment if you change your mind on the day’s outfit. Once you tidy your closet with matching hangars your closet not only looks great but it’s a breeze to put on and put away your clothes. Try the neatfreak! non-slip hanger.  The non-slip material on the pant bar and shoulders to ensure that your clothing stays securely in place.


4) Protect clothes and shoes from being damaged – Take care of your favorite outfits and prevent them from damage by storing them properly in your closet. Don’t forget about your boots too, which can easily lose their shape. Try the Neatclip Hanging Boot Clip  to maintain their upright shape and prevent permanent folds in the leather. 


5) Save money – Having a clearer picture of all the outfits you have in your closet will save you from buying the same outfit twice and save money that can go toward something else.


6) Make money – Taking the time to go through the items in your closet that you longer want, or need can make you some extra cash. When you have properly stored your clothing and accessories, they will maintain a higher value. Have a yard sale or donate your clothing items to a local charity.


By following these six tips you can make improvements to help you feel better when getting dressed and for the rest of the day.

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