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Organize Your Shoes and Get Some Pep Back in Your Step

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Organize Your Shoes and Get Some Pep Back in Your Step

By Colette Robicheau Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach, guest blogger for neatfreak!

Many women have a shoe thing.  A shoe thing is more than just having a reasonable number of shoes to wear—it’s about collecting a lot of pairs and many times not letting any of them go. Our love affair with shoes makes it difficult to say goodbye. Shoes cost a lot of money and many have memories attached to them.  

Most people, however, do not have enough closet or storage space for shoes that are not being worn, and unfortunately improper storage can be damaging to our adored soles.

This idea may hurt you more than your last blister, but maybe it’s time to lighten your loafers and put some pep in your step by getting rid of some those extra shoes.

You will be one step closer to an organized home if you follow these tips to decide when it’s a good idea to let go:

  • ~  The shoes are so scuffed up they lack support and the tread and cannot be repaired.
  • ~  Your toes can’t move in them.
  • ~  You’re waiting to stretch the shoe before you can leave the house with them.
  • ~  You can’t walk in them properly.
  • ~  You’re waiting for them to come back in style.
  • ~  You’re hiding your shoe purchases from people.
  • ~  The odor of your shoes arrives in the room before you do.
  • ~  You’re holding onto a pair for sentimental reasons.
  • ~  You have more shoes for activities than the activities that you participate in.
  • ~  You could really use the money and they are sellable.
  • ~  You have moved and don’t need that kind of seasonal footwear.
  • ~  You have been told by a health professional not to wear that type of footwear.


    Once you have let go of the shoes that are no longer working for you it’s time to organize and make space for the shoes you have left. 

    Today’s options for shoe storage rivals many women's shoe collections. Before you make a choice of what storage option is best for you take your organization a step further and group like pairs together (sneakers with sneakers, pumps with pumps).  This will allow you to see how many of each you really have. Decide, not only how to store them, but where the best place to put them is. Consider how often you use them: the ones you use the most should be easy to access. Often, we just assume all footwear needs to be by the front and back door, or on the floor in our closet. It’s time to look around your home to access and maximize your space.

    An easy way to find space is to start using the back of your closet doors. You can re-home many pairs in this often neglected space. Check out the neatfreak! Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer. It’s got 20 pockets and is perfect for flats and flip flops.

    Try a large Under Bed Storage Bag. This is a great place for very special shoes if you want to protect them from dust and over handling. Every time you sort through a shoe pile or a bin you can damage or discolor some of your special occasion shoes. It’s best to have them in a spot without light or frequent touching.  Also use for off season. You’re not going to wear boots in the middle of summer. Stuff your boots with heavier winter socks and fill the spaces in between with gloves and scarves.  That way all will be together and out of the way until you need them again.

    Speaking of boots, it can be easy for them to lose their shape. Put a Neatclip Hanging Boot and Accessory Clip on a closet rod to keep them upright.

    Or use this versatile Neatshoe stackable and adjustable rack. You can stagger the poles to easy accommodate your boots. We also love that this shoe rack allows you to maximize your vertical space. Stack multiple units together to create your own customized shoe storage solution.

    Saying farewell to some old loves will allow you to put your best foot forward. You will feel more organized and your footwear will be happier and healthier too!



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