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Never Lose Your Cell Phone Again

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Never Lose Your Cell Phone Again

By Colette Robicheau Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach, guest blogger for neatfreak!

Always running around looking for your phone? Do you have to search madly for you cell phone when it rings? Here are seven tips to help you never lose your cell phone again.

1.  When you are out, always store your cell phone in the same pocket of your coat, purse or briefcase so that way it will be in the same place each time. It sounds simple but deciding on this designated place and sticking to it will save you time, frustration, panic and maybe even money. No one wants to bother with the expense of replacing your phone not to mention the issues associated with losing your phone’s private information.

2.  As soon as you get home or at the office, place your phone in a location so you will know where to grab it when it rings or so it is handy when you are on the way out the door. This 12 Vertical Cubby Shoe Storage Organizer is perfect by the door or in the bedroom with its top shelf that is ideal for your cell phone, keys and smaller items.

3.  Set up your cell phone holder by an outlet which you will always use to charge your phone. The outlet should be visible. Be careful when creating this docking station at home to make sure there is no chance of water reaching your phone. Many homes today have multiple users and docking areas to recharge phones are scattered around the kitchen. When choosing an area to recharge remember that just a few drops of water can sometimes ruin a phone.

4.  Keep your phone in a case with a clip, so you can attach it to your pocket or your purse. This often forces you to keep it in the same place every time and you also are more likely to notice if it is not there.

5.  Have you ever lost your phone under the seat in the car? Keeping your phone on silent or vibrate is often a great idea for meetings and at lunch but this causes real havoc if you are trying to locate it. Remember to turn your ringer back on as soon as possible after meetings.

6.  Make sure your phone is always well charged. If your phone goes dead, you won’t be able to call it. Having an additional charger in the car is a handy way to get the recharging you need and doesn’t leave you stuck without communication on those long road trips. Keep your extra charger in the Small Multipurpose Car Organizer. Place your charger either inside the organizer or in one of the three mesh or slotted outer pockets.

7.  Always check to locate your cell phone when leaving a public area such as a restaurant or public washroom. And speaking of washrooms, many cell phones have taken an unfortunate dip into the toilet bowl and the results of this voyage are nothing to write home about.


    Following these tips will simplify your high-tech life. A little extra thought and planning can save you time later. Now you can actually run out the door without running around looking for your phone first.


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