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How to Recover Your Bedroom From Clutter

neatfreak! Home Organization Company on
How to Recover Your Bedroom From Clutter

By Colette Robicheau Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach, guest blogger for neatfreak!


We spend roughly one-third of our day in our bedrooms, most of it sleeping.  Little wonder it can be difficult to keep a bedroom tidy and clutter-free.  Following these easy-to-remember steps will help you keep things in order—maybe even get you a good night’s sleep.

1) Make your bed first thing in the morning. It makes the room look tidier and will motivate you to keep it that way. It’s a great way to start your day and an even better to end your day by diving into a tidy, inviting bed.

2) Keep a laundry basket handy for dirty laundry to avoid creating piles of clothes on the floor, chairs or exercise equipment. The Slim Space-Saving Laundry Hamper with EVERFRESH will fit any room and is designed to easily hide away in your closet.     

3) Arrange your dresser so you have one drawer for underwear and one for socks. Consider sorting through your dresser drawers every couple of months to discard items that have holes or mismatched socks. 

4) Sort your clothing seasonally.  Place all clothing items that are not in season in plastic containers and place them in a storage closet, in the bottom of your clothes closet or under the bed.  Use Vacuum Storage Bags to maximize space and keep items free from dust, mildew and insects.   

5) Use the back of your closet door for belts, scarves, and accessories to keep them organized and prevent them from being misplaced.  The 20 Pocket Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer with Neatclips is so versatile. Get your shoes off the floor. The pockets and clips let you store boots and purses too. This will free up space and allow you to easily access all your shoes, boots and purses.

6) Can’t accommodate a large jewelry box?  There are attractive, multi-compartment containers available that allow you to arrange your necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Or you could shop from home for storage hacks like using an ice cube tray for earrings.   

7) Don’t have a separate linen closet and space is an issue?  Fold and place the extra linens for each bed under the mattress. This saves space and is close by and ready to go when you need to change the bedding, or use an Underbed Storage Bag to take advantage of the unused space under your bed.   

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