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Get an A+ in Organizing Your Dorm Room

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Get an A+ in Organizing Your Dorm Room

Whether you are starting college for the first-time or returning for another semester it can be just as stressful as it is exciting. Here are some dorm room do’s and don’ts and ways being organized can help you reduce dorm room disasters for a more successful school year:

Create a Grade A Environment

Having an organized desk or study area will help you make the most of your study time. No more spending time looking for something that’s hidden under a pile.  A tidy desk will reduce tardiness by helping you get ready to go to class easier.

Do you spend more time than you should looking for the perfect outfit to wear to class? Keep your closet tidy, and maybe use that extra time to catch up on much needed sleep.


Double Up with Double Duty

Try to avoid appliances and furniture that only have one purpose. Multi-purpose means less space wasted.

Instantly double the hanging space for clothes in your closet with an expandable double hanging bar. Twice as good and it hangs from any standard closet bar.

Use this double non-slip plastic hook over the top of any interior door for the perfect place to hang clothes, towels, bags and accessories.  

A Vertical 12 Cubby Shoe Storage Organizer can store more than just shoes. Use any of the cubbies for small items that you can see and grab. Use the top shelf for IDs, wallets, keys, sunglasses and smaller items. The bottom drawer is perfect to hide away hats and scarves.


Find Unused Space

Your dorm room may be tiny, but you still need space to hang out with friends. Want to invite friends to your room? Tidy up and you can create a space where everyone will want to hang out. Find the space you want with these handy products:

Over-the-Door Accessory Organizer - It comes with 25 pockets of different shapes and sizes to ensure that each item has the perfect space.

Closet Organizer - An easy way to add extra storage space is by hanging one of these lightweight 6-shelf organizers in your closet. This organizer also includes a bonus top shelf for storing accessories and smaller items.


Lighten Your Load When It Comes to Laundry 

Make your room easier to get around by picking up dirty clothes and using a laundry hamper like the Slim Hamper.  Its narrow design tucks beautifully into a closet or dorm room small spaces. It’s also got patented EVERFRESH Probiotic Technology, to reduce and control odors naturally without harsh chemicals, masking agents, or perfumes. You can easily fit up to two loads and simply remove the liner from the hamper to easily carry to the laundry room.

Stop waiting in line for the dryer.  Save time, money and energy with this Retractable Clothesline. Or if you are on your way back home for a visit, this Canvas Laundry Duffel Bag can carry up to three loads of laundry easily and it comes complete with an exterior pocket and long shoulder strap.

Organizing a dorm room can be a daunting task. Whether a student is a dorm room pro or tackling dorm life for the first time, making the most of the space they have, sleep and study in can be a challenge. We can’t do your assignments for you, but we think these tips will give you an A+ in organization.